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NEWS: I have accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Ecology at Cal State LA and I will be starting a research laboratory there!  We will continue exploring questions around Biodiversity, Ecosystem Function, Facilitation, and urban ecology.  I will be retiring this webpage in favor of a lab-based webpage soon.  Please find me there in the future: https://sashajwright.wixsite.com/wrightlab


Link to Google Scholar Profile here

Link to CV here


I am a Plant Biologist and Theoretical Ecologist.  I am committed to addressing ecological problems through research and education.

I am currently working on several projects involving how plants interact in extreme environments.  Mainly:

•  How plants affect their local microclimate during extreme drought and heat events, and how this translates to positive effects on neighbors.

•  How plants affect their local environment during floods.

•  The role of biodiversity in mediating these interactions.  Higher diversity communities contain more species with more strategies for persisting in extreme environments – this often translates to stronger effects on the microclimate.

•  The role of global climate change: Increased temperatures and the frequency of extreme droughts and floods may change the ways that plants interact with each other.

I am originally from Whidbey Island, WA.  I went to Beloit College (WI) and studied Environmental Biology with the guidance of Drs. Yaffa Grossman, John Greenler, and Robin Greenler.  I then worked as a GIS Technician at the National Park Service in South Florida.  I have conducted field research from the Serengeti National Park, to native Wisconsin prairie, to Tropical dry forests in Panama and European grasslands.  I love working with students to reveal the exciting undiscovered elements of the way the natural world works.  For more information about any of these projects, my current research, or my teaching experience please use this website, and/or see my CV.

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